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We were out of state buyers who ended up out of the area where Century 21 Scheetz is located. There are plenty of people out there that would love to just simply sell you a house. She understands the importance of the needs and requirements you have. She used to be a Realtor that helped me find a home for my family. I would recommend Her to anyone who is buying a home. After we decided to move to Indiana we did a research on line and through telephone to pick the best agent we could get, to look for a suitable house for us to purchase in one of the suburbs of Indianapolis.Trusting and knowing they have my best interest in mind, not their own.Attention to detail and informed on the industry, standards and details needed to secure a home. We went through seven long months of finding homes, losing homes, getting loans, losing loans.Within a week we were able to zero in on Ryan Schramke of Redfin as the agent we wanted to work with.After we contacted and asked him to narrow in on the type of house we wanted to purchase, we travelled to Indiana.The specific survey responses shown were selected by the agent and were authorized by the client for display purposes.Liz was helpful to both the buyers and sellers of this property. She kept us informed by phone/e-mail with information we needed.

Add complimentary Wi Fi and a wonderful downtown location, and it's easy to see why Conrad Indianapolis is annually recognized as a 'Top U. She was always very professional, kind, and considerate with both of us. I will continue to recommend her to my family and friends in the Indy area. She always does a great job during the process but she's great at pointing out things I may not have known or raising questions I didn't know to ask.Liz paid attention to detail and was flexible with our work schedules. She seems genuinely concerned about me and my success. She is hard working, genuine, caring and trustworthy. Liz made this a very smooth transaction for us, especially considering we are not from the Indianapolis area.Nevertheless we were unable find one that met all our needs and our budget.Ryan then took us to Arbor Homes to pick so that we could choose a model that could be built for us. We chose the model house we wanted and had it built to our needs.

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