Colorado springs speed dating events

Less than 10 weeks after the introduction of legal recreational marijuana sales in Colorado and we already have a speed dating event for people who partake. “We posted it in the first place because we got requests,” said Allman.

Speed Denver Dating is hosting a 420-friendly series at Vinue Food & Wine Bar in Cherry Creek North — an offshoot of its UK-styled speed dating business in Los Angeles, Speed LA Dating. “It’s a nice icebreaker, and it’s nice going into a group knowing that that question’s off the table.” Speed Denver had posted a 420-friendly event in February that was rescheduled because of weather — for 8 p.m. “We’ve been hosting events across the country for seven years. We don’t offer specialized events all that often, but we got so many requests for a pot-friendly event in Colorado that we thought it would be a fun thing to do.

Parking for this event if free in Lot 224 and on levels 4 and 5 of the Gateway Garage.

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