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Please note: China Jedi is not a political movement or nationalistic front to spread the religion of the Jedi.

It is for "normal" people, talking about "normal" things, answering "normal" questions to feel and be less "normal".

• China and Cybersecurity: The Other Side of the Story • China’s E-Commerce Market Grows in Size, Importance and Dynamism • The Significance of Amazon Appstore’s launch in China • China’s Reaction to NSA Surveillance Gives Microsoft Reason to Worry So far, so good.

We Chat was able to stave off telecom efforts to lobby regulators to allow them to charge Tencent for its service (Tencent and a few telecoms have now announced new We Chat subscription packages).

International expansion As Tencent turns to plans to monetize We Chat, it also continues to engage in a heated competition for global supremacy in the mobile messaging app realm.

The company has hired world famous soccer star Lionel Messi as its We Chat spokesman and recently announced that its prized app now has more than 70 million international users.

The answer to this question is beginning to come into focus: “freemium” games and an online payment service.

Earlier this month, Tencent unveiled the first of its We Chat games, which are free, but also include special features that users can pay to obtain.

Join international Brits "Chris" and "Anthony" for an inside look into Chinese life as foreigners living, working, crying and laughing in China.

They are also reportedly developing an online payment service that will be released with upcoming versions of the app.

Both of these moves will generate revenue, though whether they can translate We Chat’s fame into fortune remains to be seen.

We Chat’s initial growth was fueled largely by QQ users.

Indeed, for the first few months of its existence, a QQ account was the only method by which users could register for a We Chat account.

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