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Her advice: "You have to be there for your child no matter what.When Kristin Russo came out at the age of 17, her Catholic mother withdrew – for a short spell, anyway. Like many parents of gay kids, Rose Russo was struggling to reconcile her daughter's sexuality with her own religious life. She spoke with her priest, who advised her that "under no circumstances should she close her door to her daughter or anyone else important in her life", Russo remembers her mother recounting.An organization is raising funds for an online resource for parents of LGBT youth.Everyone is Gay, a website that gives advice to young people on areas like dating and coming out, is expanding its audience to include parents.A handful of books, mostly updates of editions written in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, relate stories of parents struggling to come to terms with their children's sexuality.Popular culture has undergone a revolution in attitudes toward LGBT people in the past five or so years.Even if she had, the few books available may have made her mother feel worse, not better.Their approach was largely clinical and gloomy, and they escorted parents through a grieving process and toward acceptance, as if their child had been diagnosed with a disease.

"Parents are the hardest to tell because children are afraid of disappointing them or adding stress to their lives or upsetting expectations," says Jean Hodges, president of PFLAG, a support organization for parents with 400 chapters nationwide.

"A lot of it was fear about how they would react and if they would fully accept me," says Mc Elroy, 36, a program manager at a York, Pa., community health center.

"But they were great, saying, 'We know.' They welcomed my wife into the family." Even with social changes such as the Marriage Equality Act and greater acceptance of gay rights, coming out is still a traumatic event for some people, says Mc Elroy, who works with gay youths at the health center.

For many years, everyone close to Shannon Mc Elroy knew that she was a lesbian — except maybe her parents.

It was only after Mc Elroy married very quietly last January that she decided to tell her parents, who are religious.

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