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This makes her sound more like a compulsive hoarder than the "Female Miser" that she is called in the report.The title was more deserved by Joseph Mac William, who was found dead of a fire on 13 June 1826.Although the word is sometimes used loosely to characterise anyone who is mean with their money, if such behaviour is not accompanied by taking delight in what is saved, it is not properly miserly.Misers as a type have been a perennial object of popular fascination and a fruitful source for writers and artists in many cultures.Accounts of misers were included in such 19th century works as G. Wilson's four-volume compendium of short biographies, The Eccentric Mirror (1807).

More modern times yield the Chinese example of an 80-year-old affronted by being called a miser in a poem by his son-in-law.

Later in the 19th century there were small regional publications dealing with single individuals of local interest.

Examples of such works include Frances Blair's 32-page Memoir of Margery Jackson, the Carlisle miser and misanthrope (Carlisle 1847) and in the United States the 46-page Lochy Ostrom, the maiden miser of Poughkeepsie; or the love of a long lifetime.

Jemmy Taylor's name also appears in the list of notable misers that Mr Boffin ennumerates.

He is coupled with the banker Jemmy Wood of Gloucester, a more recent miser about whom Dickens later wrote an article in his magazine All The Year Round.

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Others include John Little (who appears in Merryweather), Reverend Mr Jones of Blewbury (also in Merryweather) and Dick Jarrel, whose surname was really Jarrett and an account of whom appeared in the Annual Register for 1806.

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